Our History

The town of Maitland has a rich heritage and holds strong historical connections in the Hunter Region. The Maitland Benevolent Society, now responsible for operating Benhome, was first established in 1867 as a group of compassionate community members bonded together to raise money for those in need.

Obtaining a small stake of real estate in the 1870s, The Maitland Benevolent Society offered shelter and support to the community, and soon the service began to grow. Providing much needed support and assistance in the Maitland area, the service continued to prosper and eventually developed a primary focus on aged care in the 1970s.

This planted the seed for what we know as Benhome today, built on the kindness of the local community spanning several generations. Without the strong support and generosity shown to the Maitland Benevolent Society, Benhome could not be operating in the capacity it does today.

We now operate a modern, caring facility with a capacity of 124 residents, and are pleased to be able to care for and support members of our community through the service that Benhome offers.

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Vision Mission & Values Statement


We will be a sought after Aged Care Provider.

We will foster a culture of continuous improvement for all stakeholders.

We will foster a sense of belonging and security for our staff, residents and clients.


Enhance the quality of life of Aged and Disabled People, founded on our traditional heritage by providing innovative, holistic and quality care to our residents and clients for life’s duration.

This will be achieved by utilising and continually improving our processes of providing quality care so that we are able to:

  • provide suitable and appropriate accommodation for our residents.
  • provide the necessary staff and equipment to meet all care needs of residents and clients living in the environs of Maitland.
  • maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to the lifestyles and needs of all our residents and clients.
  • provide activities that encourage residents and clients to participate in social events and develop community links.
  • encourage family members and acquaintances to be involved with Benhome.
  • provide a high standard of achievement for staff development and ongoing training in aged and palliative care.
  • provide a safe and secure environment for all who make up the family of Benhome.



We show integrity by honouring residents, clients, their families, ourselves, policies and procedures of the organisation and the legislative requirements of all levels of government. We will be honest, trustworthy and straightforward in all our dealings. We shall use the organisation’s resources wisely.


We show honesty by speaking truthfully, within the bounds of confidentiality and legislative requirements.

We achieve this on all our contacts within the organisation by:
• saying what we mean and meaning what we say,
• keeping our promises,
• telling the truth tactfully, providing honest feedback and answers, and
• acknowledging any mistakes.


We show respect by always speaking and acting with courtesy. We treat all with dignity.


Each individual is mutually heard, respected and their requests actioned. We listen to others and we seek and provide feedback.


We work co-operatively. Our attitudes and actions always take all stakeholders into account. We ask for and give support to residents, clients, visitors and workmates. We actively assist and support individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals.


Each staff member, volunteer and visitor is required to ensure that our duty of care to residents and clients is met completely, with care and compassion.


We continue to provide quality care through consultation, innovation, and the use of best practice. We respond to suggestions, technological advances and legislative amendments to enhance services.

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Our Board

The Maitland Benevolent Limited is a Company Limited by Guarantee governed by the Maitland Benevolent Society Constitution.
We are a registered Charity and a registered Public Benevolent Institution with the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission.
Our board is comprised of the following five Directors:

  • Mr Bob Geoghegan (Chairman)

  • Mrs June Spriggins
  • Mr Gary Hainsworth

  • Ms Rebecca Phillips
  • Mr Andrew Vile
  • Mr John Cleary (Chief Executive Officer) is the Company Secretary.



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Our Team

The staff at Benhome comprise of nursing, care, activities, hospitality, administration, finance, gardening and maintenance teams to assist our residents.

We are also well supported by our dedicated and generous Auxiliary team of volunteers.



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Positions Vacant

Positions at Benhome are regularly advertised on our website.
Currently, there are no vacancies, however expressions of interest can be emailed to